Career Development

I'd like a job at the NIA. Are you hiring?

You can get information about careers at the NIA by visiting Since the NIA is part of the Federal Government, you can also get job information at USAJobs.

I received email notification that my Loan Repayment Program application was not funded. Can you provide a general summary of discussion and/or some strengths and weaknesses of my application to assist with resubmission this fall?

The primary consideration in the review of Loan Repayment Program (LRP) applications is an assessment of the potential of the applicant to pursue a career in clinical or pediatric research. The merit of the already funded research of the applicant or the mentor is not a consideration.  The NIH Loan Repayment website provides information on the repayment programs available and eligibility and review criteria. A list of NIH LRP liaisons is also provided for you to contact regarding your application.

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