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News & Events | National Institute on Aging
The latest research news from the National Institute on Aging at NIH For media inquiries and or to request an interview with a subject matter expert, please email the NIA Office of Communications and Public Liaison at, or call 301/496-1752.. For information about upcoming NIA events.. Guidelines for grantees on acknowledging NIA/NIH support when communicating about ...

Depression | National Institute on Aging
Depression, a common mood disorder, is not a normal part of aging. Learn more about symptoms, causes, and treatment of major depression and other types.

Paying for Care | National Institute on Aging
How people pay for long-term care—whether delivered at home or in a hospital, assisted living facility, or nursing home—depends on their financial situation and the kinds of services they use. Often, they rely on a variety of payment sources, including personal funds, government programs, and private financing options.

Staff Listing | National Institute on Aging
For information about specific NIA research areas, contact the NIA research divisions or the Intramural Research Program. For media inquiries, please email , or call 301/496-1752. To contact NIA staff, please search by name or office below.

Sexuality in Later Life | National Institute on Aging
National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) 800-860-8747 (toll-free) 866-569-1162 (TTY/toll-free)

Neurocognitive Aging Section | National Institute on Aging
Neurocognitive Aging Section Peter Rapp, Ph.D., Chief. Age-related cognitive decline threatens independent living, compromises the quality of life, and represents a key risk for the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Shopping for Food That's Good for You | National Institute ...
Many people say a successful trip to the grocery store starts with a shopping list. Throughout the week, try to keep a list of food and supplies you need.

Markers of abnormal liver function linked to Alzheimer's ...
Abnormal liver enzyme levels detected by commonly used blood tests may be linked to Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis and multiple biomarkers of the disease, according to a recent study.

Informed Consent Document Template and Guidelines
For the purposes of this document, guidelines within the template will be provided in italics. If this document is used to develop your informed consent form, please remember to delete the italicized instructions and insert your specific information.

Ejercicios de equilibrio para adultos mayores | National ...
Que sea un hábito. Liana, de 68 años de edad, ha descubierto que las clases habituales de tai chi han mejorado su equilibrio y flexibilidad: "Temprano cada mañana, me reúno con un grupo de mis vecinos y hacemos tai chi por aproximadamente una hora.

Maggie NELLISSERY | National Institute on Aging
Biography. Dr. Maggie Nellissery is a program officer in the Clinical Trials Branch of the Division of Geriatrics and Clinical Gerontology at NIA.

An Aging World: 2001 - National Institute on Aging
U S C E N S U S B U R E A U An Aging W orld: 2001 International Population Reports By Kevin Kinsella and Victoria A. Velkoff U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Institutes of Health NATIONAL INSTITUTE ON AGING. This report was prepared by Kevin Kinsellaand Victoria A.

Changyoun KIM | National Institute on Aging
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0-First Year Follow-Up Healthy Brain Dataset
N Year 10 112 Year 11 201 Year 12 1 . 3. Data sources When a measurement was already done in the annual clinic visit corresponding to the participant’s first year follow-up Healthy Brain exam, that measurement was used for this dataset. If the measurement was not part of that year’s exam, it was administered as part

Health ABC sub study analyte measurement methods
(Krawczeski CD, Goldstein SL, Woo, JG, Wang Y, Piyaphanee N, Ma Q, Bennett M, Devarajan P. Temporal relationship and predictive value of urinary acute kidney injury biomarkers after pediatric cardiopulmonary bypass. Journal of the American College of Cardiology, 2011, 58:2301-2309.) The urine

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Neuroimaging in Frontotemporal Dementia
++Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) score of 18-30; Clinical Dementia Rating of at least 0.5++Stability of permitted medications for at least 4 weeks prior to screening, in particular, antidepressants lacking significant anticholinergic side effects, estrogen replacement therapy, gingko biloba (permissible but discouraged), cholinesterase inhibitors and memantine++Geriatric Depression Scale ...

Sample DSMB Charter - National Institute on Aging
3. Interim Analyses: In studies in which an interim analysis is planned, the DSMB will need to review investigators’ plan and advise NIA on its appropriateness (e.g. after n participants have been accrued).