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K76: Paul B. Beeson Emerging Leaders Career Development Award in Aging

The NIA Beeson K76 supports early stage clinician-investigators who have begun to establish research programs and demonstrate leadership in the field of aging research. Two versions of the award are available, Clinical Trial Not Allowed (RFA-AG-24-014) and Clinical Trial Required (RFA-AG-24-015). Early career investigators should also consider other Career Development Awards and research grants for Early Stage Investigators. To explore additional resources for clinician-scientists in the aging field, visit the Clin-STAR platform.

K76 Eligibility

Applicants for the K76 must be independent investigators who will maintain an Early Stage Investigator status at the time of award. Successful applications received for the October 21, 2022 deadline can expect to receive funding beginning in July, 2023.
Applicants must also be U.S. citizens or permanent residents by the time of award.
By the time of application, K76 applicants should have already successfully competed for independent small grant support, whether from the NIH, other federal agencies, or private funding sources.

Leadership and the K76

The Beeson K76 program seeks to identify emerging leaders with a commitment and ability to move their field forward. Therefore, successful K76 applications will include:

  • Evidence of past leadership in either clinical duties or research activities.
  • Plans and commitments for future leadership.
  • Mentor statement describing support and sponsorship for the candidate’s leadership goals.

Examples of such leadership include organizing seminar series, conferences, or symposia at a national meeting; organizing workshops; or other activities where the candidate has played a leading role in enhancing their field's academic, medical/health, and research accomplishments and visibility.

Annual Beeson Scholars Meeting

Beeson scholars are invited to the Beeson Annual Meeting hosted by the America Federation for Aging Research. In addition to presenting their research, scholars have a chance to network with Beeson alumni, mentors, senior researchers, and government and foundation officials. Additional sessions focus on strategies for success in a clinician-scientist career.

Beeson Budget Tips

  • Like other K awards, the Beeson K76 does not allow salary escalations. In other words, the proposed salary may not increase from year to year, particularly in the absence of an increase in percent effort. Annual cost of living increases (typically 3%) are not covered and will be removed from salary budgets.
  • A budget justification is required and should be used to provide a detailed description for the specific Research Costs.
  • There is no cap on the Research Costs budget category, as long as it fits within the total direct cost cap of $225,000 and is appropriately justified for research needs.
  • As with all NIH training and career development programs, Facilities and Administrative (indirect costs) for career development programs are provided at a rate of 8% of modified total direct costs.

How to Apply

Find general information about applying to Career Development (K) awards at NIA.

K76 Review

NIA Beeson K76 applications are reviewed by an NIA Special Emphasis Panel.

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