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K08: Mentored Clinical Scientist Development Awards

The Mentored Clinical Scientist Development Award program (K08) is an award for junior clinicians with little-to-moderate research training who wish to become independent clinician-scientists trained in basic research in aging. Three versions of the award are available:

Early career investigators should also consider other Career Development Awards and research grants for Early Stage Investigators.

Due dates for resubmissions are one month later than for initial submissions.

Similar to the K23, the K08 trains aspiring clinician-scientists to become independent researchers. Unlike the K23, the research proposed on a K08 application can be on any topic related to aging, including working with animal models, on basic biology, on secondary data analysis, or even on advancement of theory.

How to Apply

Find general information on applying to career development awards.

K08 Review

NIA K08 applications are reviewed by NIA Chartered Review Committee AGCD-3.

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