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K01: Mentored Research Scientist Development Awards

NIH Mentored Research Scientist Development Awards (K01) provide support for an intensive, mentored career development experience in the biomedical, behavioral, or clinical sciences leading to research independence. NIA uses the K01 to support early stage investigators pursuing career enhancement or career change. Three versions of the award are available:

Early career investigators should also consider other Career Development Awards and research grants for Early Stage Investigators.

Due dates for resubmissions are one month later than for initial submissions. 
NIA does not limit the research areas within aging that may be supported through the K01. However, individuals applying for this award are strongly encouraged to contact to determine interest in the proposed research topic.

Career Enhancement

A career enhancement goal is most relevant to junior investigators applying for an additional period of mentored research experience. If the research is in the same field the individual trained in, it must expand the skills the individual possesses. Unlike a postdoctoral fellowship, the investigator must have demonstrated the capacity for productive work following the doctorate, and the institution sponsoring the investigator must treat the individual as a faculty member. The letter of institutional commitment should show noncontingent availability of research resources equivalent to those available to a tenure-track faculty member. However, the candidate does not need to be a tenure-track faculty member.

Career Change

K01s supporting career change apply to investigators—either junior or senior—who wish to redirect their careers. Appropriate peer review considerations include:

  • Whether this is a substantial redirection
  • Whether the redirection is appropriate given the candidate's current background and experience

How to Apply

Find general information on applying to career development awards.

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