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2023 Finalists and Mentors

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2023 Finalists

Nicholas Anzellini

Nicolas Anzellini, MBA — CEO — Cardiost

Implantable medical device for cardiovascular solutions including heart failure

Janetta Brown

Janetta Brown, PhD — Founder and CEO —The HBCU Experience - Alzheimer's Research Consortium, LLC

Tailored mobile app — Alzheimer’s Disease Caregiver Resource (ALCARE) — to provide evidence-based information and solutions for African Americans with Alzheimer's disease

Kira Burns

Kira Burns, MBA — Co-Founder and CEO — Gravitrex, LLC

Mechanically powered assisted walking device for accessible walking rehabilitation

Pamela Cacchione

Pamela Cacchione, PhD, CRNP, BC — Professor — AgingSense

Wearable technology to monitor for worsening of heart failure symptoms and for responses to treatment

Penny Campbell

Penny Campbell, MBA — Founder and CEO — Seniors in Transition, LLC (S.I.T.)

Mobile app that bridges the communication gap between nurses and family members of patients in long-term care facilities

Erika Dillard

Erika Dillard, MD, PhD — Founder and CEO — PopCheck Technologies, Inc. 

Medical/digital device providing remote patient monitoring to predict surgical complications and improve postoperative care

Karrie Dudek

Karrie Dudek, PhD — CEO — Eupalinos, Inc.

Injectable hydrogel that promotes the growth of new blood vessels for restoring blood flow to tissues that have experienced restricted blood supply

Meera Garcia

Meera Garcia, MD — CEO — Lantern Laboratory, Inc.

Novel precision medicine device/platform that uses EEG biomarkers to guide real-time dosing of pain relievers during surgery and intensive care

David Hermia Martinez

David S. Hermina Martinez, MS — Chief Technology Officer — Zomio, Inc.

Smart monitoring systems for time-critical needs across automotive, health care, security, and beyond

Grace Lin

Grace Lin, MD, MBA, FACC, FASE — Co-Founder and CEO — HeartScreen Health

Digital health app for smartphones that permits remote diagnosis of valvular heart disease

Gina Negri

Gina Negri, MS, RN — Director — Virtual Medical Technology, LLC

Artificial intelligence technology to support aging in place

Victoria nneji

Victoria Nneji, PhD — Founder — AKALAKA co.

Community for sibling care partners to help navigate lifelong journeys with disability and care

Kathleen Novak

Kathleen Novak, BA — Researcher — Potentiate Therapeutics

First-in-class, small molecule therapeutic to treat neuroinflammatory diseases

Katrina Polk

Katrina Polk, PhD  — CEO and Principal Investigator — Dynamic Solutions for the Aging, LLC

Mobile/web-based clinical decision support tool with cultural and psychosocial information about African Americans for use in referral screening for clinical trials on Alzheimer’s disease

Kendra Ray

Kendra Ray, PhD, MBA, MPH — Founder — Autotune Me, LLC

Music-based mobile app that offers therapeutic properties for symptoms of dementia

Korin Reid

Korin Reid, PhD — CEO — Ellison Laboratories

Platform to identify health disparities and predict chronic disease in older adults using artificial intelligence

​​​​​​​Tina Sadarangani

Tina Sadarangani, PhD, RN, ANP-BC, GNP-BC — Assistant Professor — CareMobi

Mobile app to facilitate communication among family members, loved ones, and health care providers of adults in care facilities

Marcia Shade

Marcia Shade, PhD — Assistant Professor — Voice-It, Inc.

Interactive conversational artificial intelligence that uses machine learning to assist with symptom management

Fiza Singh

Fiza Singh, MD — Co-Founder & Member  — BioSignal Solutions, LLC

Downloadable software that works with an EEG headband to exercise brain circuits that support memory

Ran Yang

Ran Yang, PhD — Teaching Professor — Ran AI Innovation Lab (RAIL, Inc.) 

Hardware and software, enhanced by artificial intelligence, for real-time medical imaging analysis focused on elevating patient care and safety

2023 Mentors

NIA Start-Up Challenge mentors are an expert group of scientists, investors, and entrepreneurs who volunteer their time and expertise to coach our finalist teams. Mentor input is pivotal in improving pitches and moving the Challenge companies forward.

Jacqueline Baker

Jacqueline Baker — Founder and Principal Consultant — Scarlet Communications

ravi bala

Ravi Bala — Chief Growth Officer — 8thSquare

Christine Bunt

Christine Bunt — Angel Investor and Member — Launchpad Venture Group

Malaz Boustani

Malaz Boustani — Richard M Fairbanks Professor of Aging and Founding Director, Center for Health Innovation and Implementation Science — Indiana University School of Medicine

Darryl Carter

Darryl Carter — Founder and Chief Scientific Officer — Otter Immuno-oncology, LLC

Elaine Chung

Elaine Chung — Vice President, Marketing — Story Health

margaret danilovich

Margaret Danliovich — Senior Director — CJE SeniorLife

Idong Essiet-Gibson

Idong Essiet-Gibson — Principal — Wearable Tech Ventures/The Idyeas Group

Michael Francis

Michael Francis — CEO and Associate Professor of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine — Asante Bio LLC & University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine

Seo Lee

Seo Lee —Director — SV Bio Ventures

Zainab Osakwe

Zainab Osakwe — Assistant Professor — Adelphi University

Kiran Pandey

Kiran Pandey — CEO — Emtherapro

Christina Pellicane

Christina Pellicane — Assistant Director of Innovation — Princeton University

Himalaya Rao

Himalaya Rao — Managing Director — The BFM Fund

Michelle Rider

Michelle Rider — Sr. Healthcare Marketing Executive — Amazon

Sharon Rodriguez

Sharon Rodriguez — Partner — 1843 Capital

Chelsea Salters

Chelsea Salters — WTV Partner — Wearable Tech Ventures (WTV)

sarah small

Sarah Small — Associate Director, Patient Centricity — Moderna

2023 Advisors

brian chen

Brian Chen — Chief Science Officer — FOXO Technologies Inc.

janet defrino

Janet DeFrino — Partner — 1843 Capital

marcia fournier

Marcia Fournier — Program Manager — NIH

mark francis

Mark Francis — Chief Product Officer — Electronic Caregiver, Inc.

oliver gradejus

Oliver Graudejus — Founder — BMSEED

LaKisha Greenwade

Lakisha Greenwade — CEO — Wearable Tech Ventures

mary harris

Mary Harris — President — BioTechnical Communications, Inc.

Patricia Heyn

Patricia C. Heyn, PhD, FGSA — Director — Center for Optimal Aging

Jun Jeon

Jun Jeon — Investor — Khosla Ventures

Bill Kohlbrenner

Bill Kohlbrenner — Vice President of Drug Development — BioLoomics

Adriana Krasniansky

Adriana Krasniansky — Head of Research — Rock Health

Neal Lemon

Neal Lemon — Director - Cooper Innovation Center — Cooper University Health

eric levitan

Eric Levitan — CEO — ViVo

Nerissa Marbury

Nerissa Marbury — Founder and CEO — One Epiphany, LLC

bijo mathew

Bijo Mathew — Director — The University of Texas at San Antonio; Technology Commercialization Center

james mayer

James Mayer — Senior Manager, Investments & Venture Services — Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation

Nakia Melecio

Nakia Melecio — Senior Research Faculty — Georgia Institute of Technology

hongdao meng

Hongdao Meng — Professor — University of South Florida

charles mobbs

Charles Mobbs — Professor/Founder-CEO — Mt. Sinai School of Medicine/Gilga-Med, Inc.

lebone moses

Lebone Moses — CEO — Chisara Ventures Inc.

mohammed quadri

Mohammed Quadri — Vice President, Strategy for Academics, Research and Innovation — Hackensack Meridian Health

Sheri Rose

Sheri Rose CEO Thrive Center Inc.

Reka Shinkle

Reka Shinkle Vice President, Global Strategic Marketing & Product Management, ID

Katherine Steinberg

Katherine Steinberg — President/Co-founder — Determined Health

santosh vetticaden

Santosh Vetticaden — Board Member — NuFund Venture Group

Stephen Von Rump

Stephen Von Rump — CEO — Aegis Digital Health

Laura Yecies

Laura Yecies — CEO — Bone Health Technologies

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