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NIA Small Business Showcase: SilverBills

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Keeping current with bills can be challenging, and mistakes can lead to dire consequences, including termination of vital services such as electricity, eviction or foreclosure, and financial exploitation. These challenges may impede safely aging in place, and overwhelmed caregivers are often tasked with the problem. Using proprietary software plus concierge service, SilverBills receives, scrutinizes, stores, and ensures payment of clients’ household bills. SilverBills has developed a proprietary software application that handles all types of payments. This robust technology is combined with a dedicated U.S.-based account manager whom clients can contact by phone, email, or text. Client computer use is optional. Close to 90% of individuals age 65 and older want to age in their homes, but managing household bills can be an impediment to aging in place. The market of individuals age 65 and older is currently estimated to be 56 million individuals. This number is expected to increase to 80 million by 2040. According to AARP, “Americans age 50 and up contribute so much to the U.S. economy that they’d constitute the world’s third-largest economy if they were counted as their own country.”

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In addition, caregivers are often overwhelmed with raising children, managing their careers, and helping their aging parents. SilverBills is the solution allowing for technology-enabled services so that individuals can age in their homes securely. By using SilverBills, older adults avoid situations where they may be financially exploited by informal providers they turn to for “help” with this problem. In addition, SilverBills can relieve some of the stress encountered by caregivers. SilverBills’ competition consists of “daily money managers” who meet with clients in person and help pay bills. This model is problematic because there is no way to police what occurs in the home and there is no real-time data when writing checks in person. At the other end of the spectrum are online bill paying solutions and apps, such as Prism Bills, that do not provide the personal support many individuals want and need. SilverBills delivers its services through dedicated professionals who are empowered and monitored by technology, providing a high degree of trustworthiness and security.

Company Milestones


  • 2018: Entered into contract with New York City Department for the Aging to provide services to qualified residents
  • 2019: Accepted into the MassChallenge Fintech cohort
  • 2019: Raised pre-seed investment round and participated in AARP Innovation Lab
  • 2020: Featured in a positive University of Denver Knoebel Institute for Healthy Aging study of the impact of SilverBills on financial well-being and stress
  • 2021: Certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council
  • 2021: Closed venture capital fundraising round
  • 2022: Additional venture capital round
  • 2022/2023: Going to market with a major, national Medicare Advantage Plan

Financial Overview

SilverBills has raised $1.9 million from an NIH Small Business Innovation Research grant and a confidential sum from private investors. The company plans to raise another round of investor funding during 2022.

Intellectual Property

SilverBills has ownership rights in its proprietary software application through trademark registration number 4,547,452 at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Product Development and Regulatory Strategy

SilverBills is in market and being used by clients in 20 states and growing. Further software features are currently launching. Specific enhancements are in development to address the needs of Alzheimer’s caregivers through the NIH grant.

Commercialization Strategy

Increasingly, SilverBills is paid for by municipalities in recognition of the high cost of improper bill management to a variety of stakeholders. In addition, health plans are increasingly focusing on a safe way to provide a solution to the instrumental activity of daily living of managing finances. Furthermore, a University of Denver study found that SilverBills improves the social determinant of health of economic well-being and as such may be included as a supplemental Medicare benefit. Finally, SilverBills is allowing caregivers of older adults a safe, trustworthy way of outsourcing bill management to a team of professionals such that employee benefit plans and financial professionals are offering the service.

Company Details

SilverBills website

New York, NY

Industry: Digital Health and Sensing Technologies

Management Team:

  • CEO and General Counsel: Marci Lobel-Esrig
  • COO: Nathaniel Eberhart
  • CFO: Kari Cotter
  • CTO: Vlad Mangeym

Point of Contact:
Marci Lobel-Esrig
Email Marci Lobel-Esrig

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