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Office of Special Populations Detail Opportunity

The NIA Office of Special Populations (OSP) is offering a full-time detail opportunity for 120 days (with the option to extend), for an individual to support the OSP Health Disparities Research, Minority Health Research, and Diversity Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) scientific workforce goals. Applicants should have demonstrated experience and a passion for catalyzing development and use of evidence-based approaches that eliminate health disparities, improve minority health, promote scientific workforce diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility within aging research.

Primary responsibilities for this detail position include the following: 

  1. Assist in developing technical assistance tools, job aids, and resources used to clarify the NIA health disparities research framework and promote implementation among aging researchers
  2. Experience in conceptualizing and developing visual tools used to promote research 
  3. Provide insights on state of the science strategies used to synthesize and integrate evidence-based diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility solutions in aging research trainings and technical assistance provided to scientific workforce.  Develop, recommend, and execute meetings and other forums that support aging research goals in eliminating health disparities, better understanding minority health and diversifying the scientific workforce. Work closely with Director on key content areas refining and/or developing health disparities research and other relevant tools and establish best practices. 
  4. Coordinate and assist in leading the NIA Minority Health, Health Disparities, and DEIA research to formulate a more equitable organization at NIA. 
  5. Participate in staff engagement activities within the NIH & NIA that promotes engagement, DEIA, minority health and eliminating health disparities. Research employee resource groups and affinity groups (including Trans NIH groups e.g., Community Engagement Alliance Inclusive Participation meetings, Social Determinants of Health Interest Group). 
  6. Performs, analyzes, and maintains metrics and prepares periodic reports for OSP to evaluate/measure minority health, health disparities, scientific workforce diversity initiatives for return on investment and identify data sources and create an analysis plan.
  7. Establish relationships with the professional scientific and other organizations supporting aging research 
  8. Prepare reports summarizing findings and making recommendations from literature reviews and resources.
  9. Serve as a liaison to Divisional Diversity POCs; receive quarterly updates on divisional activities and initiatives. Work with stakeholders to organize special DEIA events as needed.
  10. Support OSP-led committees/working groups within NIA addressing Minority Health, Health Disparities, and scientific workforce DEIA activities, as needed.

Skills Desired

  1. Attention to detail.
  2. Strong technical skills with the ability to collect, analyze and organize data. Prior experience in program evaluation or conducting evaluation research is highly desired. 
  3. Ability to multitask and coordinate various activities.
  4. Skills and ability with working with others and as part of a team.
  5. Ability to compose professional correspondences effectively, clearly, and concisely. Including ability to make clear presentations addressing key information to senior staff.  


To apply, contact NIA Human Resources via email at by April 30, 2022. Please include the subject line: Detail Opportunity: NIA OD-OSP of your email. 

The detail period and start date will begin on a mutually agreed upon date between the current and detail supervisor. With mutual agreement between both ICs, there may be an option to extend the detail beyond 120-days. Full-time detail is preferred. However, a part-time detail, of no less than 50% level of effort, will be considered. 

The supervisor is Dr. Patricia Jones, Director of the Office of Special Populations, NIA.