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Meet the NIA Office of Small Business Research Staff

For help determining whether your research project is a good fit for NIA, contact the Office of Small Business Research.

Todd Haim

Todd Haim, Ph.D.
Chief, Office of Small Business Research
Email Todd Haim

Michael-David Kerns

Michael-David Alphonsus Rodriguez Richardson Kerns, M.M., M.S., Ph.D.
Program Officer, Office of Small Business Research
Email Michael-David A.R.R. Kerns

Saroj Regmi

Saroj G. Regmi, Ph.D.
Program Officer
Email Saroj Regmi

Armineh Ghazarian

Armineh Ghazarian, M.S.F.
Program Analyst
Telephone: 301-827-6219
Email Armineh Ghazarian

Joy Toliver

Joy Toliver, M.P.H.
Program Analyst
Telephone: 301-451-6374
Email Joy Toliver

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