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NIA ADEAR Resources: A Guide for ADRCs

Clinical Research Resources

Whether you're referring people to clinical trials or looking for resources to help with recruitment, NIA has you covered. Take a look at these online tools and information:

Alzheimer's and Dementia Outreach, Recruitment, and Engagement (ADORE) Resources

Search for communication materials, toolkits and guides, recruitment plans, videos, websites, social media, and research articles from ADRCs and others to help you recruit and retain participants in clinical research.

NIA's Clinical Trials Finder

See 100+ trials and studies in a searchable database, tailored for people looking for research opportunities related to Alzheimer's, other dementias, mild cognitive impairment, and caregiving.

Participating in Alzheimer's Research

Offer participants a booklet that explains the basics of clinical trials and answers common questions.

Biomarkers for Dementia Detection and Research

Read a consumer-friendly fact sheet about neuroimaging, fluid, and other biomarkers used in research settings and clinical practice.

Brain Donation Resources

Share helpful FAQs with potential donors, and get tips on discussing brain donation with them.

Health Information and Outreach

Looking for well-written, evidence-based resources for your patients, research participants, and community partners? For outreach events or your website? To share on social media? NIA has a bounty of web articles, videos, and other information geared to consumers, including Spanish speakers and those with limited English literacy. All web content is accessible by people with disabilities and can be used for free in your materials.

Online Health Information

On NIA's website you can find information on:

Get free Alzheimer's and dementia clinical practice tools, training materials, and more on our web page for health professionals.

Print Publications

Order publications in bulk by calling 1-800-438-4380 or visiting the NIA ordering website. Quantities may be limited depending on inventory.

Print publications include:


Share NIA infographics about healthy aging on your social media and website:


Share these videos to engage and educate your audiences. Visit NIA's YouTube channel for more:

Blog: Inside NIA

Get weekly updates on NIA funding policies and research priorities from Dr. Richard Hodes. Dr. Robin Barr, and other NIA research leaders.

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