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Milestone 10.G

ADRD Specific Milestone

Enrich the design of trials of vascular health interventions to improve their application to AD/ADRD among aging diverse populations.

Success Criteria

  • Develop and make widely available guidelines for brain health assessments in clinical trials of vascular interventions in aging diversity populations. These guidelines will include standardized outcome measures (e.g., clinical, imaging, neurological, cognitive, and vascular) in diverse populations that will facilitate meta-analyses of vascular health intervention trials, and will draw from expertise in cognitive impairment and dementia and related fields such as stroke, lipid metabolism, cardiovascular intervention, and immune function. The guidelines should provide tiers of assessments that are optimized for resources in different care settings, such as caregiver time and technology available, and should provide best practices for recruitment in diverse populations.

  • Implement and validate these guidelines, including standardized outcome measures relevant to AD/ADRD in vascular health intervention studies that include diverse populations.

Research Implementation Area
AD Related Dementias - Specific
In Progress

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