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Recruitment: Electronic consent pilot (Milestone 12.E)

Pilot the use of electronic consent which provides participants an option for broad sharing of de-identified data in various types of clinical research on AD and AD-related dementias.

Success Criteria

  • Launch at least three clinical research studies with electronic consenting methods that give participants the option for broad sharing of de-identified data.

Summary of Key Accomplishments

Milestone goals are supported by two projects funded through the “Inclusion of Mobile/E-consent for AD research” initiative. The projects brought together clinical researchers from two NIA-supported AD Research Centers and a team of data scientists and participant engagement experts. This cross-disciplinary team developed an electronic consent process aimed at removing some of the key barriers to participants recruitment into clinical research for AD/ADRD.

The key accomplishments summary is current as of March 2022. 

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Recruitment and Citizen Engagement
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