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Milestone 10.H

AD Related Dementias – Specific

Implement culturally tailored multimodal intervention trials and drug therapy trials to reduce AD/ADRD burden in populations facing disparities.

Success Criteria

  • Initiate one new clinical trial targeting AD/ADRD specifically in a population that experiences health disparities in dementia.

Summary of Key Accomplishments

The ongoing NINDS-funded ARCADIA CSI study is a multicenter, biomarker-driven, randomized phase 3 clinical trial of apixaban, a type of blood thinner, versus aspirin in individuals who have had a recent stroke of unknown cause. More than 1,000 individuals are being recruited over 2.5 years at 120 sites in the NIH StrokeNet clinical trial network. Participants, including those from NIH defined health disparities populations, will be followed for 1.5-7 years to understand the effects of apixaban on recurrent stroke as well as dementia-related outcomes and determine its safety with respect to hemorrhaging in the brain. Dementia-related neuroimaging and key measures of cognitive decline were recently added to the ancillary study using AD/ADRD funds.

This information is current as of July 2022.

Research Implementation Area
AD Related Dementias - Specific
In Progress

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