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Milestone 8.D

Initiate at least one clinical trial for primary prevention of AD and AD-related dementias among high risk individuals in midlife including a non-pharmacological treatment arm.

Success Criteria

Completion of at least one Phase II primary prevention trial for non-pharmacological interventions in midlife. Successful trials will provide evidence for potential therapeutic mechanisms and include the collection of biomarker data for future validation and longitudinal follow-up within the trial cohort.

Summary of Key Accomplishments

In 2021, NIA held a workshop to review non-pharmacological approaches for early prevention of AD/ADRD. The goal of this workshop was to address the core methodological challenges associated with developing and accumulating evidence to support preventive interventions for AD/ADRD with respect to the populations, targets, and outcomes that should be the focus of the prevention research agenda.

This information is current as of March 2022.

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Non-Pharmacological Interventions
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