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Milestone 7.B

Initiate research programs for translational bioinformatics and network pharmacology to support rational drug repositioning and combination therapy from discovery through clinical development.

Success Criteria

Identification of at least 6 existing drugs suitable for repurposing and/or combination therapy for AD and ADRD prevention or treatment.  The drugs selected for repurposing or combination therapy will be prioritized based on:

  • evidence that they modulate disease relevant pathways/networks gained from computational and empirical approaches.

  • preclinical proof-of-efficacy in a relevant model system.

  • availability of biomarkers to monitor target engagement in humans.

  • sufficient evidence of safety for the intended target population.

Research Implementation Area
Drug Repurposing and Combination Therapy Development

Accomplishments/Implementation Activities

Funding Initiatives

Research Programs and Resources

Relevant Recommendations