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Milestone 8.B

Increase investment in clinical trials that robustly test a variety of lifestyle interventions. Employ precision medicine research principles in non-pharmacologic interventions by incorporating deep molecular profiling and digital/wearable technologies for tracking responsiveness.

Success Criteria

Initiate clinical trials for at least 3 non- pharmacological interventions aimed at AD and ADRD treatment and/or prevention. Ensure that the trials are designed to robustly test the therapeutic mechanism and to enable comprehensive success/failure analysis upon the trial completion.

Provide supplemental funding to at least 6 non-pharmacologic interventions to incorporate:

  • digital health devices to track adherence to treatment and treatment response.

  • deep, longitudinal multi-omics profiling to understand mechanisms of action and person-specific trajectories of response.

Employ engaged research models for stakeholder involvement as research partners, including centers and other research networks.

Research Implementation Area
Non-Pharmacological Interventions
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