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Public Private Partnerships: Improve institutional practices (Milestone 14.H)

In Progress

Timeline Start - End

2018 - 2025

Research Implementation Area

Public Private Partnerships

Alter institutional practices that impede team science and data sharing in academia by:

  • defining and quantifying team science activities as new metrics of scientific contribution for career advancement.
  • implementing pilot programs to test new incentive structures that promote and reward collaborative research and data sharing efforts.
  • showcasing existing open science programs.

Success Criteria

Convene a meeting with administrators from academic institutions (Deans, Chancellors, Department Chairs), representatives from NIH and other funding agencies, journals and public advocates to develop recommendations for alternative recognition and attribution methods that would foster large-scale team science and increase the transparency and reproducibility of federally-funded research.

Summary of Key Accomplishments

This milestone has yet to be initiated. Accomplishments are forthcoming.

The key accomplishments summary is current as of March 2022. 

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