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Public Private Partnerships: Best practices for biosamples (Milestone 14.I)

In Progress

Timeline Start - End

2019 - 2024

Research Implementation Area

Public Private Partnerships

Develop and disseminate best practices for the collection, processing, and multi-omics molecular profiling of human and animal model biosamples.

Success Criteria

Ensure adoption of best practices across different research groups and institutions to enable harmonized analyses of data collected at the national and international level.

Summary of Key Accomplishments

The NIA-supported AD Research Centers (ADRC) network established best practices guidelines for biospecimen collection – these have been disseminated across the ADRCs network and are also available to the greater research community.

In addition, the research teams supported through the Accelerated Medicines Partnership for AD (AMP AD) and Model Organism Development & Evaluation for Late-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease (MODEL-AD) programs are establishing best practices for multi-omic data generation from human and animal models biospecimens. The data generation and analytical methods are being distributed to the research community via the NIA-supported AD Knowledge Portal.

The key accomplishments summary is current as of July 2022. 

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