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Milestone 1.O

ADRD Specific Milestone

Establish infrastructure to study TBI as a risk factor for AD/ADRD.

Success Criteria

  • Support further development of national TBI research sharing infrastructure and best practices for clinical data (including cognitive outcomes), biospecimens (including autopsy), pathology, and imaging to promote broad cross-disciplinary discovery and validation of acute and chronic TBI-related risk stratification models of dementia. Ensure that data and samples represent the diversity of the population and the range and variability of TBI causing events and history.
  • Develop and/or identify collections of tissue and biofluid samples from existing or newly developed longitudinal case-control or cohort studies in which samples are collected using standardized protocols and in which the samples are linked to clinical data that include TBI and AD/ADRD cases.

Research Implementation Area
AD Related Dementias - Specific
In Progress

Accomplishments/Implementation Activities

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