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Milestone 1.N

ADRC Specific Milestone

Encourage crosstalk and interdisciplinary collaboration between TBI and dementia researchers.

Success Criteria

  • Convene a working group of stakeholders from the TBI and AD/ADRD communities, including trainees, to evaluate the extent to which current knowledge in AD/ADRD can be applied to the study of dementia after TBI. This working group can assess the level of data harmonization across existing TBI and dementia clinical cohort studies to facilitate current and future comparisons and data sharing.
  • Support the addition of interdisciplinary retrospective assessment for TBI history and prospective TBI occurrence in existing AD/ADRD cohort studies.
  • Support the addition of AD/ADRD assessments to existing TBI cohort studies.

Research Implementation Area
AD Related Dementias - Specific
In Progress

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