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Milestone 1.D

Develop state-of-the-art protocol for assessing dementia on large nationally representative samples that (a) includes racial/ethnic subsamples large enough to support disparities research and (b) is adaptable for use in comparable studies around the world

Success Criteria

  • Archive and share data for use by the research community.

  • Update national estimates of the prevalence and incidence of dementia and cognitive impairment as well as address important questions about the epidemiology and population impact of dementia. Repeat national estimates in 2021 to measure trend in dementia prevalence.

  • Support research projects comparing international differences to identify potential risk and protective factors. 

  • Support research on health disparities by racial/ethnic groups.

  • Use existing cohort studies to investigate critical periods for intervention success, including cohorts well before mid-life.

Research Implementation Area
Population Studies and Precision Medicine

Accomplishments/Implementation Activities

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