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Milestone 1.C

Continue to establish new cohorts that include participants across diverse racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds and incorporate the collection of multi-omic and clinical data (imaging, personal wearables, and sensors for in-home monitoring) to accelerate the identification of genomic variants and other risk and protective factors contributing to the heterogeneity and multifactorial etiology of dementia and to enable the development of predictive models of disease and wellness. Ensure that these cohorts represent the current and future projected population trends.

Success Criteria

  • Establish at least 3 new cohorts that incorporate deep molecular endophenotyping with participants of African, Native American, Asian, and mixed ancestry, e.g. Latinos, as well as younger cohorts (midlife and younger participants). The phenotyping should include cognitive, behavioral, imaging, exposome measurements, multidimensional “omics” data and multiple types of physiologic measurements that can be used for systems biology and gene-environment interaction studies.  These programs should include big-data infrastructure resources to ensure that the data are made available as a public resource and support for collection, storage and rapid distribution of biosamples including brain tissue.

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Population Studies and Precision Medicine
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