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Milestone 6.A

Establish a searchable, open access research database that contains all clinical, biomarker, and epidemiological data, and related genotypes and phenotypes from existing genetic studies; analyze these data to identify regions of the genome that are targets for AD and ADRD therapeutics.

Success Criteria

At least one novel target, pathway or therapeutic approach identified through use of the database.

Time Required

2013 to 2020

Research Implementation Area

Drug Development - Novel Targets

Activities, Funding Initiatives, and Resources

NIH PAR-16-047: NIA Genetics of Alzheimer’s Disease Data Storage Site
NIH RFA-AG-16-001: Coordinating ​Center for Genetics and Genomics of Alzheimer'…
NIH PAR-12-183: Alzheimer's Disease Sequencing Project ​(ADSP)
NIH RFA-AG-16-001: NIA Coordinating Center for Genetics and Genomics of Alzheim…
NIH PAR-17-214: Limited Competition: Analysis of Data from NIA's Alzheimer's Di…
NIH RFA-AG-18-013: Continuation of the AMP-AD Target Discovery and Preclinical …
NIH RFA-AG-18-014: Limited Competition: Data Coordinating Center for the Accele…

Relevant Recommendation(s)

2012 AD Summit Recommendations: 1C