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Milestone 4.I

Create new integrative training programs for junior neuroscience researchers  (predoc, postdoc and junior faculty) that include training in aging biology, systems biology, geriatrics, all aspects of data science as well as traditional and emerging drug discovery disciplines. 

Success Criteria

Establish new training programs as well as fellowship and career development programs to develop a new translational and data science workforce.

Time Required

2016 to 2020

Research Implementation Area

Translational Infrastructure and Capabilities

CADRO Category

F. Research Resources

Activities, Funding Initiatives, and Resources

NIH PAR-17-025: Aging Research Dissertation Awards to Increase Diversity (R36)
NIH PAR-17-072: Revision Awards to Institutional Training Programs to Advance R…
NIH PAR-17-052: Research Career Enhancement Award to Advance Therapy Developmen…
NIH RFA-AG-17-063: Institutional Training Programs to Advance Translational Res…
NIH PAR-18-524: Institutional Training Programs to Advance Translational Resear…

Funded Research Projects

IADRP – Category F. Research Resources - 3. Professional and Career Development…