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Milestone 19.B.3

Develop a system to monitor the magnitude and trends in health disparities in incidence of AD/ADRD.

Success Criteria

Complete at least one study that covers dementia, including the spectrum of AD/ADRD embedded within large scale community-based health surveillance systems, including potentially primary care, designed to utilize and validate simple assessment tools applicable for a surveillance setting.

Enhance national programs to monitor differences in AD/ADRD incidence, prevalence, and long term outcomes among racial/ethnic, socioeconomic, geographic and other population differences relevant to disparities. Develop and release a consensus report on risk factors, predictors, consequences, and levels of under-diagnosis of AD/ADRD among disparities populations.

Time Required

2016 to 2023

Research Implementation Area

Health Disparities: Monitoring Changes

Relevant Recommendation(s)

ADRD Summit 2016 Health Disparities (HD) (PDF, 694K)
ADRD Summit 2016 Prioritized Research Milestones Health Disparities (HD)