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Milestone 1.K

AD Related Dementias – Specific

Neuropathologic characterization of LBD and use of LBD pathology cohorts.

Success Criteria

  • Evaluate existing LBD post-mortem clinical data and tissue resources, as well as existing best practices in neuropathologic evaluation, for their impact and effectiveness in advancing the field.

  • Based on this evaluation, determine the best course of action to enhance the acquisition and distribution of post-mortem LBD tissue, including central and peripheral tissue, and corresponding clinical data.

  • Develop best practices for patient outreach and education to emphasize the importance of brain donation, as well as the means for providing logistical support and resources to facilitate brain donations.

Summary of Key Accomplishments

NINDS and NIA continue to support the NIH NeuroBioBank and the Alzheimer's Disease Centers, which make brain tissue from hundreds of individuals with a pathological diagnosis of LBD available for sharing with researchers. Much of this brain tissue is associated with extensive clinical and neuroimaging information obtained when the individual was alive. NIH intramural staff initiated a collaboration with 17 European and 27 North American sites/consortia to collect brain tissue for genetic sequencing from 1789 individuals with LBD, resulting in the identification of important risk factors. An international effort to propose criteria and best practices for the evaluation of LBD pathology that included NIA/NINDS-funded researchers was published in 2021.

This information is current as of July 2022.

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AD Related Dementias - Specific
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