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FTD Studies: Understand the natural history of FTD (Milestone 1.M)

AD-Related Dementias Focus

Understand phenotypic heterogeneity and natural history including in populations that experience health disparities. 

Success Criteria

  • At least one natural history study of pre-clinical, inherited FTD. 
  • At least one natural history sporadic FTLD. 

Summary of Key Accomplishments

The ALLFTD study is a comprehensive natural history study covering inherited forms of FTD, where individuals have been followed from health to disease. Important findings from this study have shown that the type of causative mutation has a major impact on disease progression and biomarkers of disease progression.

The key accomplishments summary is current as of July 2022.  

Research Implementation Area
Population Studies and Precision Medicine

Accomplishments/Implementation Activities

Funding Initiatives

Research Programs and Resources

Research Highlights

Relevant Recommendations

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