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Milestone 4.O

De-risk novel candidate targets by supporting the development of high quality, open source, target enabling tools that can serve as starting points for drug discovery campaigns or as research tools to understand the biology of “dark targets”.

Success Criteria

  • Enable the development of target enabling packages (TEPs) for up to 100 novel, disease-relevant, candidate targets derived via unbiased, data-driven approaches.

  • These tools should include: purified target proteins/crystal structures, biochemical assays suitable for functional characterization and for compound screens; validated antibodies; cell-based assays for target modulation; potent and specific small molecules or biologics. 

  • Ensure that all data and reagents are made available to the wide community of researchers with no restriction on use.

Research Implementation Area
Translational Tools, Infrastructure and Capabilities

Accomplishments/Implementation Activities

Funding Initiatives

Research Programs and Resources

Research Highlights

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