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Milestone 14.K

ADRD Specific Milestone

Establish more effective communication between NIH and NGOs on activities and progress toward ADRD goals in the off-years between triennial ADRD Research Summits.

Success Criteria

Post all ADRD Summit 2016 milestones and success criteria publicly on the National Plan to Address Alzheimer’s Disease (NAPA) website at the time of the 2017 annual update of the plan.

In alignment with the leadership roles of the NIA (NIH lead for NAPA response and AD Summits) and the NINDS (NIH lead for ADRD Summits), going forward both NIA and NINDS to participate in the NAPA Council meetings.

NINDS to present annually to NAPA Council on progress toward the ADRD goals/milestones from 2017 onwards.

Convene annual meetings during which NINDS, NIA and NGOs share activities, funding-related information, and progress relevant to the ADRD recommendations.

Research Implementation Area
AD Related Dementias - Specific

Accomplishments/Implementation Activities

Research Programs and Resources

Relevant Recommendations