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Milestone 14.G

Convene an advisory meeting of relevant stakeholders to develop a consensus regarding eliminating barriers to sharing, integrating, and reuse of data needed to build predictive models of disease.

Success Criteria

Develop recommendations for new policies and incentives to enable open, reproducible, and translatable research. These should address:

  • removing barriers to combining data from multiple sources and sharing processed data with other investigators.
  • generating combined and harmonized data sets that can be shared between investigators.
  • providing genetic and other patient-level data on a common-access cloud site where researchers can perform large-scale computational tasks without the need to download and store large data sets.
  • providing access to sponsor-level data from clinical trials to revisit those that failed to demonstrate efficacy.
  • supporting electronic consenting and other consenting models that give ownership of health care data to patients and study participants.

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Public Private Partnerships
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