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Milestone 14.B

Convene meetings of the working groups for:

(i) Rapid Data Sharing and Analysis. 

(ii) Enabling Bidirectional Translation in AD and ADRD drug development,

(iii) Eliminating IP barriers for Target Validation through clinical proof of concept. Each working group will formulate concrete steps needed to accelerate the timeframe of AD and ADRD drug development.

Success Criteria

Recommendations developed on:

  • (i) the creation of an open access, web-based resource that integrates complete, diverse multidimensional biological and chemical data that will be useful in advancing information on drug targets, including mechanistic information that will aid in the development of measures of target engagement (PD readouts);
  • (ii) creation of computational tools for development of biological network models of AD, related dementias and normal aging;
  • (iii) creation of tools that will foster development of bio network models that provide a predictive framework for using drugs in combination or singly;
  • (iv) removing legal and IP barriers surrounding data sharing.

One or more partnerships established to accelerate key steps in AD drug development.

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