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Multiple Etiology Dementias: Facilitate basic and clinical research (Milestone 2.L)

In Progress

Timeline Start - End

2016 - 2027

Research Implementation Area

Research on Disease Mechanisms

AD-Related Dementias Focus

Advance basic research on the common and interacting risk factors and mechanisms of multiple etiology cognitive impairment and dementia in diverse populations. 

Success Criteria

  • At least three new mechanistic projects on interacting molecular pathways and risk factors that either accelerate or protect against cognitive decline and dementia in general and diverse US populations. 

Summary of Key Accomplishments

In FY18 and FY19, NIH released funding opportunities on common mechanisms of AD/ADRD (PAS-17-028) and to identify new potential clinical targets (PAR-18-661) that can detect characteristics of AD vs. ADRDs as compared to healthy individuals. One award is describing, at a cellular level, molecular signatures of AD, LBD, FTD and healthy individuals, and researchers have published promising, initial results. NINDS also funds the “Center Without Walls for Imaging Proteinopathies with PET,” which is developing novel, sophisticated technology to visualize and differentiate several different AD- and ADRD-related brain changes. The Dementia Nomenclature Initiative continues to work on developing consistent, accurate, and meaningful language for cognitive impairment and dementia, including how best to describe and communicate the difference between multiple etiology dementia and other versions of AD/ADRDs.

The key accomplishments summary is current as of July 2022.  

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