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Milestone 2.N

Clarify the mechanism of tau pathogenesis and associated neurodegeneration.

Success Criteria

  • Improve understanding of or determine the roles of the key pathophysiological events [post-translational tau modifications, aggregation, microtubule dysfunction, interneuronal spread, or other tau (dys)functions] that contribute to neurodegeneration in human tauopathy.

  • Develop one or more model systems that reproduce one or more of the aforementioned processes accurately to enable the testing of new therapeutic targets and approaches.

  • Determine the mechanism of aggregated tau pathology spreading, including how tau seed species get out of neurons and transmit pathology to other cells and what role of different tau conformer strains play in determining the pattern of tau inclusions. Determine the relationship of tau aggregation and spreading to neurodegeneration.

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Research on Disease Mechanisms
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