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Multiple Etiology Dementias: Develop differential AD/ADRD diagnosis (Milestone 9.L)

In Progress

Timeline Start - End

2016 - 2027

Research Implementation Area


AD-Related Dementias Focus

Conduct multimodal clinical and translational research to support the identification of multiple etiologies in diverse populations. 

Success Criteria

  • At least one human tissue-, sample-, and data-based translational study, with deep phenotyping of pathologies and co-morbidities, to develop and validate multimodal clinically useful biomarkers, including in diverse populations, to understand AD/ADRD risk and outcomes.  

Summary of Key Accomplishments

NIH-funded researchers are developing a variety of tools for diagnosing dementia, including a tablet-based screening tool for early dementia screening in primary care and sensitive blood tests that can discriminate between different AD/ADRDs. Regarding the economics of differential diagnosis, the pharmaceutical company Biogen sponsored an informative literature review that concluded the social and informal costs of dementia care far outweigh the direct healthcare costs associated with differential diagnosis of ADRDs.

The key accomplishments summary is current as of July 2022.  

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