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Milestone 11.H

AD Related Dementias – Specific

Generate and/or improve cognitive assessment tools for populations facing AD/ADRD health disparities.

Success Criteria

  • Initiate at least two research programs to develop and validate assessment tools to detect early cognitive changes that occur in AD/ADRD in diverse U.S. populations that face health disparities in cognitive impairment and dementia, including non-English-speaking people and people with varying levels of education.
  • Evaluate the success of the resulting assessment tools for:
    • Extent of engagement of local communities in the development of community, diversity, and culturally informed tools.
    • Incorporation of existing best practices in assessment tool design and contributions to improving best practices for assessing cognitive impairment and dementia in populations facing AD/ADRD health disparities.
    • Validation across different cultural groups that face AD/ADRD health disparities.
    • Training materials for assessment tool(s) use; guidance regarding which tool(s) to be used for cognitive assessment of any individual.
    • Guidance for individual follow-up depending on assessment results, including specialty referrals and caregiver support when appropriate.
  • Develop normative references to facilitate harmonized comparisons among cognitive assessments obtained using different tools across diverse populations

Summary of Key Accomplishments

NINDS continues to support DetectCID, a national consortium which is developing, testing, and validating several novel cognitive impairment assessments that are simple, culturally appropriate, and easy to administer in primary care and other everyday clinical settings. Now in phase 2, DetectCID is broadening the testing and validation of these assessments with a larger number of research participants – at least half of which are from racial/ethnic minority groups. It is likely to take a few more years to fully determine how effective and culturally appropriate these assessments are, but preliminary data are encouraging.

This information is current as of July 2022.

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AD Related Dementias - Specific
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