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Health Equity: Disseminate culturally validated cognitive assessment tools (Milestone 11.I)

In Progress

Timeline Start - End

2016 - 2025

Research Implementation Area

Enabling Technologies and Disease Monitoring

AD-Related Dementias Focus

Increase availability and utilization of harmonized culturally and linguistically valid assessment tools within ongoing and newly generated studies of AD/ADRD and cognitive health intervention trials.

Success Criteria

  • Use validated assessment tools designed to detect early cognitive changes in new studies and clinical trials for AD/ADRD that include diverse patient populations experiencing health disparities. 
  • Facilitate effective health disparities AD/ADRD research by generating a dedicated resource for housing and disseminating a validated minimal core of culturally and linguistically appropriate best practices, paradigms, and tools for assessing cognitive impairment and dementia in diverse populations. 

Summary of Key Accomplishments

Through studies like the NIH-funded DetectCID consortium, researchers are developing several novel cognitive impairment assessments that can aid in early detection of dementia-related cognitive decline in primary care and other everyday clinical settings. Now in phase 2, DetectCID is broadening the testing and validation of the most promising assessments with a larger number of research participants – at least half of which are from racial/ethnic minority groups. It is hoped that validated results from DETECT CID can be used to develop widely-available resources and screening measures to detect early cognitive changes in diverse populations.

The key accomplishments summary is current as of July 2022.

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