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Enabling Tech: Technology for in-place monitoring (Milestone 11.A)


Timeline Start - End

2017 - 2021

Research Implementation Area

Enabling Technologies and Disease Monitoring

Develop research programs aimed at evaluating a variety of technologies for in-place monitoring of individuals at all stages of disease to capture various types of patient relevant data and caregiver related outcomes (i.e., daily physical function, home safety, quality of life).

Success Criteria

  • Launch at least one large multi-site research platform for evaluating in-place monitoring technology and utilize the platform to evaluate at least six innovative new technologies focused on dementia assessment and care in various environments (e.g., rural, urban, assisted living, apartment, single family homes, etc).

Summary of Key Accomplishments

With co-funding from multiple NIH Institutes, NIA supported a large multi-site research platform called Collaborating Aging Research Using Technology (CART) to develop and test infrastructure that could be used to test multiple devices for particular purposes (e.g., measuring cognitive change via home-based and/or wearable sensors). To this end, the study team was able to validate the use of in-home sensors, wearables, and other devices for measuring meaningful outcomes in a home setting, such as changes in mobility and social engagement, to monitor ongoing health conditions and anticipate future issues. Many of these sensors and smart devices originated from collaborations with CART's private sector partners, including established technology and device manufacturers as well as tech-related small businesses and start-ups.

CART engaged four research sites and diverse research participants to ensure that technologies for aging in place are inclusive, widely applicable, and can be easily integrated into a variety of future research studies. Participants included veterans living in rural communities, African American and Hispanic minoritized groups, and low-income octogenarians. To date, the CART platform has been used by more than a dozen research teams in at least four countries.

The key accomplishments summary is current as of March 2022. 

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