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Biomarkers: Early detection measures (Milestone 9.H)


Timeline Start - End

2014 - 2022

Research Implementation Area


Launch research programs to develop and validate sensitive neuropsychological and behavioral assessment measures to detect and track the earliest clinical manifestations of AD and AD-related dementias.

Success Criteria

  • Development of at least one sensitive neuropsychological assessment measure that has been validated for the detection or tracking of the earliest clinical manifestations of AD and AD-related dementias.

  • Extend ongoing research on social and emotional functioning and decision-making in MCI/AD to identify early behavioral markers of disease.

  • Support research to develop clinical tools for assessment of early deficits in decision-making, motivation and social and emotional functioning in AD.

Summary of Key Accomplishments

NIA provided funding for the development of the Mobile Toolbox , a set of freely available smartphone tools to enhance self-administered cognitive tests. To date, the toolbox consists of two key projects:

  • The MTB: A library of validated, smartphone enabled cognitive assessments;
  • The M2C2: an assessment infrastructure for use in intensive longitudinal studies of cognitive change, with validated mobile tests that support widespread dissemination, use, and ongoing development by the research community.

NIA -supported projects are also studying  social and emotional functioning, decision making, and driving behavior to identify early behavioral markers of cognitive decline.

The key accomplishments summary is current as of March 2022. 

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