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Milestone 13.B

Launch research programs to develop and validate assessments of the psychological, financial, and physical health impact of caregiving.

Success Criteria

  • Identification and validation of assessments suitable for use in a range of research contexts including observational and interventional studies and large population-based surveys.

  • Identification and validation of at least one sensitive and robust measure for the detection of the earliest manifestations of caregiving burden and for monitoring its long-term consequences.

  • Identify and validate at least one improved and cost-effective model of care that includes research on caregiver outcomes following the cessation of caregiving role.

Summary of Key Accomplishments

The success criteria for this milestone have been achieved. NIA has funded many projects responsive to funding initiatives on informal and formal caregiving and on the psychological, financial, and health impacts of caregiving. For example, funded researchers are developing methods to predict risk for adverse caregiver outcomes; testing a psychosocial assessment of caregiver social support, mental, and physical health; and assessing well-being and cardiovascular outcomes to predict resilience and reduce racial disparities in caregiver experiences. Through other projects, researchers are developing and testing a screening tool to assess caregiver outcomes of dementia screening and a method to identify caregivers at risk of poor outcomes. Many projects involve intervention development to promote caregiver health, well-being, and resilience.

This information is current as of March 2022.

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