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Milestone 9.K

ADRD Specific Milestone

Detect whether cognitive impairment is objectively present when a patient, care partner or clinician reports cognitive, behavioral or functional changes.

Success Criteria

  • Support at least two research programs to develop and validate assessment paradigms that address the unmet need to detect cognitive impairment and dementia in large and diverse populations seen in primary care practice and other every day clinical care settings, including in non-English speaking settings.
  • Evaluate the success of the resulting paradigms for:
    • Coverage of both general and diverse populations in the U.S., including via engagement of local communities in the development of community and culturally informed paradigms.
    • The extent to which validated paradigms are reimbursable, time efficient, with easily interpreted results, and useful in diverse primary care settings.
    • The extent to which the paradigms include provider guidance for appropriate follow-up, including specialty referrals and caregiver support.
    • The extent to which the paradigms have training materials suitable for both physicians and non-physician medical personnel who administer them.
    • The extent to which the paradigms are readily accessible and to which there is uptake by both primary caregivers and researchers.

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