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Milestone 9.B

Accelerate the development of the next generation CNS imaging ligands and biofluid molecular signatures targeting a variety of disease processes (neuroinflammation, bioenergetic/metabolic compromise, oxidative stress, synaptic pathology) that can be used as research tools or developed into diagnostic, prognostic, theragnostic or target engagement biomarkers.

Success Criteria

  • Initiate synthesis and testing of CNS imaging ligands (PET/SPECT) for at least 12 novel, prioritized candidate targets.  Ensure that these reagents are made available as open source tools for target validation and predictive drug development.

  • Identify at least 6 multi-omic biomarker signatures (metabolomic, proteomic, cell-free RNAseq etc.) that can be quantitatively measured in peripheral fluids and have been validated across at least 3 diverse cohorts.

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