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Post-Doctoral Training Programs at NIA IRP

The Postdoctoral IRTA Fellowship Program provides advanced training and research experience to physician and Ph.D. level investigators who are at the beginning stages of their professional research careers. Participants engage in research studies under the direction of a senior NIA investigator who serves as supervisor during the appointment period. A postdoctoral IRTA fellow must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and have five years or less of relevant postdoctoral research experience. Initial IRTA commitments are made for two years with appointments made in one-year increments which may be renewed. NIH Office of Education Online Application

Visiting Fellowship Program

Visiting Fellowships are awarded to foreign (non-U.S.) scientists to support advanced postdoctoral research and training in NIA's IRP laboratories. Visiting Fellows must have a doctoral or equivalent degree in the sciences and five years or less of relevant postdoctoral research experience. For more information about this program, visit The Fogarty International Center website.

Earl Stadtman Investigator Program

The National Institutes of Health has announced its seventh annual call for “NIH Earl Stadtman Investigators,” a broad recruitment of tenure-track investigators (assistant professor equivalent) for the NIH intramural research program. Come join the team whose hallmarks are stable funding, intellectual freedom, shared resources, and access to a wide range of scientific expertise. A fantastic array of scientists already has been hired through the “Stadtman” recruitment in the last seven years. Learn more about the Earl Stadtman Investigator program and read an NIH Catalyst profile of the 2018-2019 investigators. Current Stadtman Investigators at NIA IRP include Isabel Beerman and Myong-Hee Sung.

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