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Physician, CARD

Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)

National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Physician Recruitment


**UPDATE:  The open period of this announcement has been extended. Applications for the Director of Clinical Translation position in the Center for Alzheimer’s and Related Dementias (CARD), Intramural Research Program (IRP), National Institute on Aging (NIA), located in Montgomery County, MD, may be submitted at the following website:  GP-15 Supervisory Physician (Clinical)The announcement will close at 11:59pm (Eastern Daylight Time) on Monday, July 12, 2021. For questions regarding this position, please contact Jamie Hertzfelt at** 


The National Institutes of Health invites applications for a professional track currently available in one of our 27 Institutes and Centers. We are the nation’s premier medical research agency, serving as the foundation for the medical innovation sector, and making important medical discoveries that improve health and save lives! The National Institutes of Health has a number of Physician vacancies. The salaries for these positions are based upon individual qualifications and professional experience. A full benefits package is available, including retirement, Thrift Savings Plan participation, health, life, and long-term care insurance.


  • As a Physician in intramural, you will be responsible for administering clinical, basic, and independent research programs; analyzing, evaluating, and generating scientific and clinical data; and conceptualizing new research direction and projects. 


  • As a Physician in extramural, you will utilize your medical expertise to administer extramural research grants or contracts in a major program area.  You will evaluate activities of funded investigators and make recommendations regarding the contribution of the research to the goals and objectives of the program.


The open period for the Physician announcements has been extended.  Applications will be accepted through July 12, 2021, in Montgomery County, MD and possibly other duty locations.


For medical and scientific specialties, qualification requirements, evaluation criteria, and application instructions, view the vacancy announcements at For questions, please contact Tiffany Doy at (301) 594-2307 or



HHS and NIH are Equal Opportunity Employers