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Office of the Scientific Director

Luigi Ferrucci, M.D., Ph.D.
Scientific Director
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Michele Evans, M.D.
Deputy Scientific Director
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The Scientific Director of the NIA is responsible for the overall direction and quality of research conducted by the Intramural Research Program (IRP). The Office of the Scientific Director (OSD) is the administrative arm of the IRP. Staff in the OSD provide overarching scientific leadership and oversee activities critical to the operation of the NIA IRP.

Intramural Administrative Office

The Intramural Administrative Office provides a critical linkage to scientific program management by performing a host of nonscientific, fiscal, administrative, and resource management activities that support the science of the National Institute on Aging's Intramural Research Program. Our wide-range of services include:

  • Personnel Management
  • Budget and Financial Management (including CRADA, Gifts, and Royalties)
  • Procurement/Contract/Acquisition Management
  • Travel
  • Crisis and Emergency Management
  • Records Management
  • Transportation and Courier Service
  • Property Management
  • Timekeeping/Leave/Pay
  • Information Technology (including Network, Computing, Telephony, IT Security)
  • Building, Space, and Facilities Management
  • Technology Transfer


Michael O'Donnell
Chief Administrative Officer
Phone: (410)558-8024
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Deborah McGovern
Lead Administrative Officer
Phone: (410)558-8115
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Clinical Program

The NIA Intramural Research Program conducts a number of clinical studies to support research in aging. Learn more about NIA clinical research by visiting the Clinical Studies page.


Josephine Egan, M.D.
Clinical Director
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Linda Zukley
Supervisory Nurse Specialist
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Training Program

In today’s competitive job market, it has become even more imperative to develop certain core competencies that ensure a successful research career. Scientists not only need to focus on the development of cutting edge research, but must be able to communicate it effectively, collaborate with others and develop strong leadership and managerial skills. For those interested in transitioning into a non-bench career, understanding the transferable skills necessary to do so is critical.

The NIA Intramural Research Program’s Training Office led by Dr. Michele Evans, provides training and career development efforts for trainees from high school level through post-doctoral fellowship. In conjunction with the NIH Office of Intramural Training and Education (OITE), the Training Office plans several career development activities and workshops in Baltimore including: 

  • Grantsmanship
  • Understanding intra-lab dynamics
  • Focus on work-life balance
  • One-on-one Career Counseling
  • Onboarding meetings for new fellows
  • Yearly follow up meetings with current fellows
  • Prepare personal statements and applications for medical and graduate school
  • Skill blitzes focused on building critical networking skills
  • Feedback on CV/Resumes and Cover letter preparation
  • Salary negotiation techniques
  • How to give a scientific talk
  • How to make the best out of scientific meetings
  • Job search strategies and assistance
  • Alumni panels focused on career options in science
  • Programs to enhance the postdoctoral experience for Visiting Fellows
  • Wellness promotion and activities


Michele K Evans, M.D
NIA Training Director
Tel. (410) 558-8573
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Ms Arlene Jackson
NIA IRP Summer Program Director
Tel: (410) 558-8121
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The NIA Intramural Research Program offers excellent training opportunities in laboratory and clinical medicine and is committed to training basic and clinical researchers in biomedical and behavioral sciences related to aging. Learn how you can train with NIA researchers in Baltimore and participate in NIA summer internship programs.

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