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NIA Clinical Core Laboratory and Biorepository

Josephine Egan, MD, Chief

Chee Chia, M.D., Staff Clinician

Giovanna Fantoni, Ph.D., Faculty Head

CCLB supports clinical investigation by assisting with those aspects of experimental design that deal with acquiring laboratory data and, more recently, their interpretation. CCLB also facilitates research from individual NIA investigators that require selected clinical research-quality assays. The CCLB processes, labels, catalogs, and stores clinical research samples in the Biorepository, and distributes them to research laboratories around the world, in accordance with College of American Pathology guidelines and current human subject regulatory guidelines. Working in close collaboration with the Manager of CRC, the CCLB has implemented new procedures to decrease the time required for sample retrieval, which now occurs within days. CCLB also provides a dependable service for DNA/RNA extraction of clinical specimens. Additional laboratory services provided by the Diabetes Section, CCLB and the CRC are: (1) Simoa HD-1 Analyzer™: a bead-based technology; flexible, robust, and ultra-sensitive immunoassay platform for measuring up to 10-plex biomarkers in diverse matrices, (2) ELISA and RIAs of various hormones (insulin, C-peptide, adiponectin, leptin, growth hormone, testosterone), cytokines (CRP, IL-6, TNFs, and their receptors), (3) Glucose determination from oral glucose tolerance testing (OGTT) on all BLSA subjects and insulin tolerance testing (ITT) in translational studies, (4) Olink (Explore 3072): an innovative proteomic platform for protein biomarker discovery and protein analysis, based on Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology, using minimal volumes of serum, plasma, or almost any other type of biological sample.

Portfolio/Research Areas

  • Core Processing Lab
  • DNA/RNA Lab
  • YSI Glucose Lab
  • Biomaker discovery
  • Biorepository


  • Charisma Burrows, Biologist
  • Nat Doegen, Technician
  • Cole Douglass, Technician
  • Sunny Cho, Biologist
  • Mona Patel, Biologist
  • Nader Shehaded, Biologist
  • Wesley Wilson, Biologist
Name Title Email
Edgar ABARCAR Nurse (Reserach Specialist)
Linda ALLIBALOGUN Nurse Practitioner
Chee Chia Deputy Clinical Director
Sarah DORAN Health Scientist
Jarod D'AGOSTINO Health Scientist
Victoria DAVIS Registered Nurse
Giovanna FANTONI Staff Scientist
Kenneth FISHBEIN Staff Scientist
Arthur HOLMES Pharmacist
Mary LASSITER Ultrasound Technician
Tiffen LOVLER TAPIA Health Scientist
Julia MCKELVEY Nurse Specialist (Research)
Denise MELVIN Lead Nurse Specialist
Nicolle MODE Statistician
Belinda MOORE Program Supoprt Specialist
Sarah PARK Nurse Specialist (Research)
Mona PATEL Biologist
Oretha POTTS Clinical Protocol Coordinator
Jeannie RUFFOLO Lead Nurse Specialist (Research)
Mary SAM-NWOHA Nurse Specialist (Research)
Shepherd SCHURMAN Staff Clinician
Sarah SHANNON Pharmacy Technician
Lisa TUREK Registered Nurse
Allison UDRIS Psychologist
Melvin WARE Bio Lab Tech