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Leisure activities may improve longevity for older adults

New web portal gives scientists access to dozens of neurodegenerative disease stem cells

Genetic variant linked to Parkinson’s found in immune cells

Brain scans may offer early clues of future frailty risk

Antioxidant effects on dementia risk may differ

Loss of smell linked to Alzheimer’s cognitive impairment and biomarkers

Some arthritis drugs may reduce Alzheimer’s and related dementias risk in those with heart disease

Direct link shown between brain inflammation, neuron death, and cognitive changes in mice

Enzyme associated with premature aging also has key role in replication of certain cancer cells

Repurposed cancer treatments could be potential Alzheimer’s drugs

Data shows racial disparities in Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis between Black and white research study participants

Fasting blood glucose levels in mouse models might not translate to age-related metabolic changes in humans

Growing evidence for personality traits connection to Alzheimer’s amyloid and tau

NIA-designed drug candidate helps lab mice recover faster from brain injury

Keenan Walker is NIA’s first NIH Distinguished Scholar

Magnetic stimulation improved memory in cognitively impaired rats but harmed it in healthy peers

3 studies link hearing loss with less physical activity among older adults

NIA researchers comprehensively analyze clinical trial data on antibody treatments for Alzheimer’s

PSAP gene found important for a neuron’s survival

Abnormal cholesterol metabolism linked to dementia risk

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