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Baltimore Area Repair Symposium (BARS) - 2024

Cutting calories may slow the pace of aging in healthy adults

Personality traits are related to measures of neurodegeneration

Dysfunctional muscle mitochondria linked to higher dementia risk

Calorie restriction in humans builds strong muscle and stimulates healthy aging genes

Peripheral artery disease causes molecular changes in muscle

Lingering COVID virus in tongue linked to long-term taste loss

Calorie restriction and fasting improve health in female mice

Immune resilience is key to a long and healthy life

Hospitalization for infection linked to higher dementia risk

Sense of smell linked to speed of brain loss and cognitive decline

Hydroxychloroquine lowers dementia risk in humans, improves molecular signs of Alzheimer’s in mouse and cell models

Links found between viruses and neurodegenerative diseases

Personality and mortality linked to number of mitochondrial DNA in blood

Blood pressure drug telmisartan did not improve mobility in people with peripheral arterial disease

Novel blood biomarkers help identify cognitive impairment in Parkinson’s disease

Observable traits predict changes in cognitive and physical health

32nd Annual Nathan W. Shock Award Lecture

No association of Viagra and Cialis with reduced Alzheimer’s disease risk

Leisure activities may improve longevity for older adults

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