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Spotlight On: Xylena Reed, postdoctoral fellow at NIA

Spotlight On: Mahamat Babagana, postdoctoral fellow at NIA

Spotlight On: Marta Woloszynowska-Fraser, postdoctoral fellow at NIA

Spotlight On: Yoo Kim, postdoctoral fellow at NIA

Spotlight On: Nicole Armstrong, postdoctoral fellow at NIA

Spotlight On: Sharmin Hossain, postdoctoral fellow at NIA

Unique gut microbiome patterns linked to healthy aging, increased longevity

Dr. Andrew Singleton to direct new NIH intramural research effort for Alzheimer’s and related dementias research

Mitochondrial health is linked to longer life in female rats with high exercise capacity

Spotlight On: Gayan Premaratne, postdoctoral fellow at NIA

NIA study identifies FDA-approved drugs that may also be helpful for dementia

Spotlight on: Josephine Egan, senior investigator at NIA

Genetic study of Lewy body dementia supports ties to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases

Two studies explore LRRK2’s activity in Parkinson’s disease

Genetic study in Sardinia shines new light on disease and immunity

NIH researchers link cases of ALS and FTD to a mutation associated with Huntington’s disease

Machine learning detects early signs of osteoarthritis

Brain injuries from concussions still evident decades later

A shift in brain glucose metabolism may help explain women’s increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Large study links gum disease with dementia