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Higher daily step count linked with lower all-cause mortality

Research on intermittent fasting shows health benefits

Study with centenarians finds novel protein signature of protective APOE genotype

Further evidence that controlling high blood pressure can reduce dementia, Alzheimer's risk

Fragmented physical activity linked to higher risk of death in older adults

Tau tangles linked to smaller brain regions and falling cognitive test scores in healthy older adults

From 'trash' to treasure: Exosomes could shape a blood test for early detection of Alzheimer's

Intensive blood pressure control may slow age-related brain damage

Parkinson's study in mice highlights importance of motor learning in combination with dopamine replacement

"Silent" heart attacks may help explain strokes of mysterious origin

International Symposium to Honor Pioneer in Neuroscience and Fasting

Purging failed brain insulation cells lessened damage, improved cognition in Alzheimer's mouse model

High cholesterol, other factors shown to increase risk for ALS

Exosomes help track effectiveness of experimental Parkinson's disease drug

Breakdowns in mitochondrial housekeeping provide another clue to Alzheimer's culprit

Common genetic disorder found to cause serious disease and disability with age

Healthy gut bacteria help ward off age-related insulin resistance in animal models

Cancer in Aging collaborative funding opportunity announced

NIA and NIEHS intramural researchers team up for joint fellowships

Secrets of the coupled clock behind the heart's natural pacemaker cells