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Compound prevents neurological damage, shows cognitive benefits in mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease

Higher brain glucose levels may mean more severe Alzheimer's

Compound in green tomatoes extends lifespan, healthspan in animal models, human cells

NIA's Summer Student Poster Day Celebrates 25 Years

Welcome to the new NIA website!

Researchers identify gene variant that confers risk for multiple sclerosis and lupus

Epigenetic age estimated by changes in DNA methylation predicts mortality

Calorie restriction improves health, survival in rhesus monkeys

Adaptive brain network change supports healthy cognitive aging in rats

Ketamine lifts depression via a byproduct of its metabolism

Age-related cognitive decline: Women are more resilient than men

SIRT3 enzyme protects brain cells from stress, helped by exercise

Researchers identify new area of brain associated with suppressing inappropriate behavioral response

NIH-supported study shows promise for blood test for Alzheimer's disease

NIH scientists find six new genetic risk factors for Parkinson's

NIH researchers find Resveratrol helps protect against cardiovascular disease in animal study

Resveratrol does not affect health, longevity in population study

NIA welcomes Studenski as chief of the Longitudinal Studies Section

Research consortium including NIH proposes diagnostic criteria for sarcopenia

NIH researchers identify new gene mutation associated with ALS and dementia