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RNA Regulation Section

Myriam Gorospe, Ph.D., Chief

The mission of the RNA Regulation Section (RRS), led by Myriam Gorospe, is to investigate the post-transcriptional mechanisms that regulate gene expression in aging physiology and pathology. The Section is particularly interested in the control of mRNA processing, splicing, transport, turnover, and translation by RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) and noncoding RNAs (ncRNAs). The working hypothesis in the RRS is that post-transcriptional gene regulation directly impacts upon the normal physiologic decline of aging as well as the aberrant gene expression programs that drive age-associated disease. The Section is testing this hypothesis in normal aging processes by analyzing the impact of RBPs and ncRNAs on age-associated inflammation, impaired muscle regeneration, cellular senescence, and declining responses to proliferative and metabolic stimuli. The Section is also investigating this hypothesis in age-associated diseases by testing the impact of RBPs and ncRNAs on post-transcriptional gene regulation in pathologies of aging such as diabetes, obesity, sarcopenia, neurodegeneration, and cancer.

Portfolio/Research Areas

Using a range of cell models of aging-associated declines and diseases, the RRS studies the function of RBPs and ncRNAs in four main research areas:

•  Cell senescence, including gene expression programs and function of senescent cells, and the senescence-associated secretory phenotype (SASP)

•  Energy metabolism, focusing on organelles (mitochondria) and cells (pancreatic cells, muscle cells, and neurons) that store, sense, mobilize, create, and use energy

•  Cellular response to stress, with a focus on DNA damage, oxidative stress, and nutrient deprivation

•  Neurodegeneration, through the analysis of gene expression programs and cell types implicated in neurodegenerative processes

Findings and Publications

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Pandey, P.R., Yang, J.H., Tsitsipatis, D., Panda, A.C., Noh, J.H., Kim, K.M., Munk, R., Nicholson, T., Hanniford, D., Argibay, D., Yang, X., Martindale, J.L., Chang, M.W., Jones, S.W., Hernando, E., Sen, P., De, S., Abdelmohsen, K., and Gorospe, M.: circSamd4 represses myogenic transcriptional activity of PUR proteins. Nucleic Acids Research 48: 3789-3805, 2020 (PMC7144931).

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Myriam Gorospe, Ph.D.

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