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Laboratory of Genetics & Genomics

Myriam Gorospe, PhD, Chief
David Schlessinger, PhD, Scientist Emeritus

The mission of the Laboratory of Genetics and Genomics (LGG) is to understand the genetic and genomic determinants of aging. The Laboratory investigates the genes and gene expression programs that govern the physiologic decline of aging, including reduced strength, menopause, decreased ability to respond to nutrient imbalances, and diminished immune function. The Laboratory also studies the genetic basis and genomic determinants of pathologies that increase in the elderly, including neurodegeneration, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, and cancer.

Portfolio and Research Areas

  • Genetics of human aging
  • Regulatory RNAs in aging biology
  • Genomics of aging health and disease
  • Chromatin remodeling


RNA Regulation Section
Genome Instability and Chromatin Remodeling Section
Functional Epigenomics Unit
Computational Biology & Genomics Core
Computational Genomics Unit
Telomere Maintenance Section

Laboratory of Genetics and Genomics Staff