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IRP Core: Visual Media Section

Thomas Wynn, Visual Media Supervisor, Facility Head

The mission of Visual Media Services is to provide quality, cost effective media services to all customers in the most efficient manner. We utilize the latest technology and strive for the highest standards in the media field.

Statement of Values:

Service Quality
We respect all customers and strive to anticipate and exceed their expectations and to treat them with kindness and understanding.

Resource Utilization
We value and foster the wise and efficacious use of our resources.

We strive for continuous improvement in carrying out our mission; and we are committed to creating a work environment that fosters mutually beneficial relationships among employees, scientific, support, and administrative staff.

We are located in the BRC at 03A117, just down the hall from the main security desk.
We are open 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday.
Phone 443-740-2420
Fax 443-740-2866

Online job submissions -

Most jobs are completed in 3 to 5 days. If you need it sooner you must contact visual media.

Thomas Wynn – Visual media Supervisor

Jason Eaton - Visual Media Specialist

Aaron Russell – Visual Media Specialist

Lauren Brick – Visual Media Specialist

Marc Raley – Visual Media Specialist

Graphics & Medical Illustration Services

  • Medical and general illustrations and schematics
  • Graphic design: Brochures, invitations and programs
  • Poster, title and banner design
  • High quality laser output • Digital paste-up and labeling
  • Lamination services
  • Folding services
  • Short run brochure and booklet printing Video Services
  • Scientific procedures
  • Recruitment and promotional
  • Presentations and lectures Photography Services
  • Medical, surgical and research photography
  • On-location, studio and special-event photography
  • High-resolution scanning
  • Digital photo retouching
  • Instant Passports photos 3D Printing Services
  • 3D printing with Resin SLA printers and PLA filament FMD printers
  • 3D Design using Rhino 3D

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