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IRP Core: Networks, Computing and Telephony Section

James Gregory, Section Chief 

The NCTS core provides networking, computing and telephony services to the NIA IRP staff including those labs and facilities located in the Biomedical Research Center, Triad Building (Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center Baltimore), Harbor Hospital and Building 31, Building 35, T44 in Bethesda.


Valere Binet, IRP ISSO
Shani Yarbrough, Network Administrator
Erik Kometti, System Administrator
Vlad Reznik, Network Administrator
Deric McGowan, Systems Analyst
Jay Jackson, Service Desk Manager
Jeyson Rostran, Senior Help Desk Technician
Jamal Bourne, Systems Administrator
Gerald Allen, Help Desk Technician
Michael Assad, IT Support Assistant
Brandon Carter, IT Support Specialist
Claudia Menjivar, Help Desk Technician
Kenneth Visser, IT Desktop Specialist
Stephen Belcher, Programmer
John Schuller, IT Specialist
Thomas Smith, IT Specialist
Linus Joseph, Computer Scientist
Alphus (Al) Comer, Web Development Manager
Aleksandr Sukhitsky, Telephone Specialist
Denise Wendler, Computer Application Coordinator